Ellebel op Hitipeuw.NL

Let there be light


My true passion. I was lucky to have been able to work in a historic environment in Amsterdam, the Economic historical Library, part of the Dutch Economic Historical Archive (= Nederlands Economisch Historisch archief). Here I learned the library skills during the years 1981 - 1989.

In 1988 the Library moved to a new housing in the International Institute of Social History (I.I.S.G.), also in Amsterdam.

In 1989 I grabbed the opportunity to help to build a new library and historic archive at the Moluccan Historical Museum (= Moluks Historisch Museum) at Utrecht. Here I was head of the library and historical archives,which I built there. Here I worked from 1989 - 1998.

Now I'm doing volunteering work and my latest project is the library for the Moluccan Institute for church and society (= Moluks Instituut voor kerk & Samenleving) at Houten in the Moluccan Church Center (= Moluks Kerkelijk Centrum). I did the consultancy for the MIKS and together with very enthousiastic volunteers we managed to put up a library with special collections for all the moluccan churches. The official opening of the library took place in October 2008 on the 31st, Luther's Day.

Unfortunately in 2013 MIKS had to stop all their efforts to gather all the moluccan societies of churches due to lack of cooperation.The library however decided to go on with the support of the Geredja Indjili Maluku. We are in their debt and are grateful to have the opportunity to continue with our work.